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We create, produce, director, and edit our music and visuals in collaboration with the dopest artists 

Queens of the South are summoned and engage in a lyrical spectrum in a Female Cypher like no other! Who is Bossy P and what is her message?


Artist include: *Anastia Music, *Hop Out Khalifa, *Dopameen, *Suzie Sporano, *Cherokee the Lyricist Share, Like Subscribe, Follow our platform for more projects and collabs ! All proceeds we receive from our projects are donated back to the community!

A Beautiful Struggle a tribute to the everyday woman. Perseverance is a mask that many women wear daily and this project encompasses a variety of issues topics and experiences that impact women, family, and community. What's unique about this video is that every artist has faced a major life-changing challenge(s) such as health ailments, safety concerns, and mental health concerns. The stories are really the stories are true and this is WHY we must continue to deeply explore and salute that level of struggle strength and triumph!

This what happens when a conscious middle school teacher meets the local NAACP Youth Council.... POWERFUL! @movethecrowdmiami asks you to raise your voice to make a difference! #FIGHTTHEPOWER 2019 - Respect and homage to Public Enemy for setting the vision!

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Put them together and watch the fireworks happen. 5 of the dopest MC’s in Miami come together in the name of unity and collaboration.

Urban Union: Featuring UB The Underboss, Salazar “Tabaquero305”, Caramalo “El Colonel”, Chucky Greenlight, Tyson El Dominicano, El Mike “Hip-Hop Colombia”, and MichelAngelo305.

A true story as a young black male makes a decision that will truly impact peoples lives. If you 're not a part of the solution then you're the problem.

Reporter Modelana takes a trip to #LyricLand in search of wordsmiths after the mumble revolution take over. The Move The Crowd Miami Project proudly presents -#LyricsMatter Cypher Pt1: featuring SplytSecond, Yung Kane, JaccMusic, Travis Hanna, and Wise.

This Miami Cypher depicts the struggle of how difficult it is to breakthrough the WALLS of the music industry despite the talent of many unsigned artist. WALLS WILL FALL- La Conquista *Featuring UB the Underboss, Tyson El Dominicano, J-Starz, Chief Eli, Chucky Greenlight, Chico GoodBoy and LovelyModelAna.

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